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BoWags Method


Bonehemian Wags is Sonoma County’s trusted guide for expert dog care, led by professional trainer, Jessica Gollnick.  We are dedicated to your dog’s complete health and well-being so you – and he – enjoy your dog’s best life.  

Our disciplined approach provides your dog with clear expectations and the opportunity to take the right action. We know that every dog learns differently and therefore must be respected and treated in his own way. 

Our Training Philosophy Is Simple:

We make the right choice easy and

the wrong one difficult  

The BoWags proven program of proper behavior and socialization is based on our years of animal training experience, grounded in safety, care, and an individual reward system. 


The structure allows your dog to Learn, Play, and Wag with other dogs, and with you, revealing an instinctual knowledge and confidence. 

The BoWags Result:

Happy, healthy, and well behaved dogs.

Enjoy the Wagging Rights. #BoWags

Give your Dog a BONE

Better Training, Better Dog

Own the Process

New Leash on Life

Enjoy the Wagging Rights

Your dog's new LEASH on life

Learn manners

Enjoy play

Act with balance

Socialize with others

Harmony in the pack

Jessica Gollnick

Owner, Pack Leader, Trainer

Jessica Gollnick

Owner, Pack Leader, Trainer

Jessica Gollnick had a vision: an independent business that she could grow and sustain while honoring her calling to work in nature and be outside with animals.  Jessica found that ideal combination, starting Bonehemian Wags in 2015.  Being a professional horse trainer and rider for more than 10 years – coupled with years for caring and training dogs – Jessica is steeped in safety, discipline, and instruction.  Her experience yields a strong point of view on successful training through clear, consistent communication.

While known for her demeanor and command of the pack, Jessica is loved by her clients for her nurturing and loving patience with each and every dog – a special gift of connecting.  She is a dog owner herself and lives in Sebastopol – just down the rode from the BoWags’ Twin Pines boarding facility.

When not hiking with dogs, Jessica can be found with her horse, Little Sister. At just 4 years old, Sis is a training project for Jessica, developing her into a Hunter/Jumper competitor.

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